A Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing

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Email marketing consultant and author DJ Waldow is fed up with people saying email is dead. Dude, numbers don’t lie: A staggering 94 percent of Americans use email. Mobile email is huge. And email marketers today have myriad opportunities to guide customers from consideration and trial to repeat purchase, to increase loyalty, even create fierce brand advocates.

Email may not be dead, bit it has changed, and so have its users. As a marketer, you need to take a hard look at how your campaigns are faring, and be prepared to change with your consumers. Throw away the old handbook – and start breaking the rules.

Consider this: Generally speaking, in business, 10 percent of you will be knocking your email marketing campaign outta the park; another 10 percent will be struggling to even get it off the ground; and the rest of you – approximately 80 percent – will fall somewhere in the middle.

Things seem to be stalling out. Your campaigns in a slump, you’re starting to get frustrated, and you realize a kick start is needed to breathe some life back into your strategy. That’s where DJ Waldow comes in.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Fortune 500, or startup, this is the webinar you need to attend to transform your email marketing.

In The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing on-demand video, learn how to:

  • Bring real humor and creativity back into your email;
  • Use email marketing and social media to power each other;
  • Determine which email marketing “rules” are obsolete–and when to break the rest;
  • Optimize every component of your message and campaign;
  • Drive list growth that translates directly into the top line;
  • Encourage opt-in by systematically simplifying signup; and
  • Write a great main call to action, great secondary and tertiary calls, and much, much more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

DJ WaldowDJ Waldow is the founder and CEO of Waldow Social. He’s an email marketing consultant, writer, blogger, speaker, and co-author of The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing. DJ has spent nearly eight years in the email, social, and community-building world, advising clients on how to optimize their email marketing campaigns and–on occasion–break some of the “best practice” rules. DJ is well know in the social space for his love of saying “Dude!” and can be found on most networks under the handle “djwaldow” or by searching “DJ Waldow.”