You Can Call Me Boss: How Smart Measurement Can Take You from the Break Room to the Board Room - $0.00

A few weeks ago, we featured Shonali Burke on the Spin Sucks Inquisition.

During the commenting that commenced, we may have suggested she host a webinar for us so everyone could experience her gorgeous lilt (OK…and her wicked smart brain).

And she agreed!

In this on-demand video, she talks about one of the things that is near and dear to our hearts: REAL PR measurement.

Let’s get rid of media impressions and advertising equivalencies and the race for more (more, more, more!) social media friends once and for all. It’s time to focus on the real things PR does to affect a business: Reputation management, lead generation, brand awareness, and lead nurturing.

What You Will Learn

  • How to set goals that are best for the organization’s growth:
    • Increased revenue
    • Decreased costs
    • Improved customer service.
  • What constitutes “bad” measurement.
  • How to take a sideways approach to PR: Combine the vanity metrics with what converts leads to customers most efficiently.
  • How to attribute website visits to your PR efforts.
  • How to integrate earned, owned, and paid media in your reporting.
  • How to create tracking links to relevant pages to track efficiently.
  • How to pivot your strategy, based on the data available.
  • How to get started.

She also has some great case studies that will show you exactly how to implement what she discusses.

You’ll learn how to measure your efforts. You’ll get the ins and outs of two case studies. And you’ll get to hear that gorgeous voice of hers for an entire hour.

Download the webinar now.

Shonali-Burke-and-Gini-DietrichShonali Burke, ABC, is president and CEO of a social PR consultancy that takes your business communications from corporate codswallop to community cool™.

She also teaches at Johns Hopkins and Rutgers, and is the creator of the #measurePR hashtag and Twitter chats, which celebrates five years in 2015.

You can find Shonali on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and on her blog, Waxing Unlyrical.