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One of North America’s Leading Digital Visionaries

  • Named one of the most influential authorities on blog marketing in the world.
  • President of the award-winning digital marketing and communications agency, Twist Image.
  • Recognized as a marketing, communications and interactive expert, and community leader.
  • An accomplished author, blogger, podcaster, and passionate entrepreneur.
  • A highly sought after public speaker who connects people worldwide, by sharing his insights on digital marketing and new media.

And now, hosted by Gini Dietrich, he has opened his media-hacker mind and shared his philosophies on work, life, music, and art.

  • Still yearning for the elusive work/life balance? Mitch isn’t. And he’ll tell you why.
  • Still feel like you have to be everything to all people? Mitch doesn’t. And you’ll find out why.
  • Wonder how insanely busy people with young families and successful businesses to run manage to organize their lives? Mitch wonders that too. Surprised?

Download the on-demand video now, for that and much, much more from Mitch Joel.

Heck, he helped Google. We’re pretty sure he can help you too.

Mitch Joel is president of Twist Image. A marketer, speaker, media hacker, blogger and podcaster of Six Pixels of Separation, he’s the author of the acclaimed book Six Pixels of Separation. His latest creation, CTRL ALT DEL, will be published on May 21, 2013.

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