The Future of Content Marketing With Gini Dietrich - $0.00

In this webinar, Gini explores how to succeed with content in 2014 and beyond: What becoming a visionary really means; the benefits to be had by practicing brand journalism and embracing native advertising, as well as opening your office culture up to the world – being seen as human (and amazing!) by telling your employee’s stories.

Gini shares her thoughts on the brands who are already nailing content, and how they’re doing it.

She breaks down best practices like not interrupting the audience experience, owning your own content, increasing your opportunities to rank high in search, and remaining non-spammy and non-salesy while doing so.

The new content marketing is about taking control. Not relying on outside sources to tell your story. And being the brand who bravely steps out of the box, takes risks, and revolutionizes content for 2014 and beyond.

Don’t miss this webinar, because if time keeps whizzing by at the extraordinary speed it did this year, you run the risk of being left behind.

Gini DietrichAside from Gini’s super-fun personality and engaging manner, she’s also a bit of a smarty-pants – Type-A! The founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, author of the upcoming Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and creator and publisher of Spin Sucks the blog, she juggles a fairly gruelling travel schedule chock full of keynotes and other speaking engagements. Phew! I’m tired just writing that!