Richard Binhammer

The Dreaded “S” Curve: Innovation and Social Media - $0.00

The Dreaded “S” Curve: Innovation and Social Media, presented by Richard Binhammer, principal of Binhammer Social Business & Communications Consulting.

Richard was one of the early adopters of social media for business, and as former director on Dell’s Social Media and Community team, he was responsible for communications, social relations and training, while continuing to be active in Dell’s social media outreach and overall adoption across the company. This guy knows social business. And he’s also super funny.

As social media becomes broadly adopted by both marketers and communicators, have we run the course on innovation or is there more to be done? Where can social media for business go from here?

What You Will Learn

·         The digital strategy and skills challenge, and the lack of confidence by business leaders.

·         The larger opportunities available to our businesses to move beyond traditional “push” messaging.

·         The integration of online and offline for stronger customer relations.

·         From inbound and outbound to include “stick around” marketing, where your content is a value added service to existing customers.

·         The fundamental upheaval of media and media relations.

·         The emergence of the visual Web and its implications.

The Dreaded “S” Curve: Innovation and Social Media, launches a month long, Spin Sucks exploration of social business.


Richard BinhammerRichard Binhammer is the principal of Binhammer Social Business & Communications Consulting. He consults on the organization, operation and strategies related to the adoption of social media. He also offers services related to social media skills assessment and the impact that has on delivery of social programs, and has been extensively involved working with corporate communications teams in their adoption of social media opportunities.

Binhammer joined Dell in corporate communications as a member of the public affairs team in 2005, managing its community efforts in North America and Asia Pacific.