Strategy 101: Planning for Success - $0.00

Working with a new client or a new company is exciting!

They trust you to tell their story, to communicate with their audience (or help them build a new one), and help them success as an organization.

Usually you can’t wait! You want to jump right in and get to work.

But before you start looking for story ideas, planning events or designing infographics, you’ve got to develop an often-overlooked part of public relations, your strategic plan.

Remember Hannibal Smith in “The A-Team?”

Do you remember the scene near the end of each show where he’d stand, looking out on yet another improbable victory with his trusty cigar in hand and say, “I love it when I throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks!”

No. Of course not. His memorable quote is “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Because without a plan, Hannibal would be looking at the rubble around his feet crying “Why?????”

And I want to keep you from being in that position.

What You Will Learn

Whether you’re working for an agency, a nonprofit, or a company, you need a solid plan. A good communications plan will help public relations practitioners set expectations early during a campaign. It defines success for your client, and better protects you from unrealistic client demands.

This video will help you develop your strategy chops and show you how to set goals and objectives, and how you can reach those objectives in a measurable way, with a solid strategy and tactics.

It will also focus on the “Four-Step Process” and Management by Objectives, two important ideas to help you develop strategies that make sense for you and your clients.

One of the great things about planning is that different people have different ways of developing plans. Almost none of them are ever completely wrong; they just match the philosophy of the person creating it.



Benson PicBenson Hendrix, APR is the Social Media Manager for the University of New Mexico, experimenting with the university’s social media and digital content strategies, and has provided social media strategy, reputation management, management consulting, crisis management, creative messaging, strategy and more to a variety of companies and other organizations.

He’s consulted for teams as varied as single-person start-ups and nonprofits to educational think tanks and other groups, changing how they approach public relations, community relations, social media and more.