Intimate and Interactive: Gini Dietrich on Being an Entrepreneur

Wednesday, April 30th 12:00 Noon, EST CEO, blogger, author, sought after public speaker – the multi-talented Gini Dietrich is known for many things. But perhaps the thing she’s most known for – in all aspects of her work – is her honesty. She is not afraid to share the lessons she’s learned building a company […]

Spin Sucks: The Book

Spin Sucks: The Book   We live in a world where content farms, Internet spiders, and fake accounts have the potential to ruin one’s experience online. It certainly would be easy – and quite possible to even make some quick money – by sitting back and gaming the systems. But, just like the Justice League, […]

Narrowcasting: How to Make the Most of Your Existing Connections

We broadcast all the time on social media – but do we know who is really listening? True social broadcasting, in the – the shout’y, ‘spray and pray’ way, as some call it – is a marketing no-no. Instead, we’re asked to engage, respond, connect, and do a lot of other buzzword-type things in the […]

Eleven Deadly Presentation Sins: A Path to Redemption for Public Speakers

Few things in the PR business are more important than the ability to present your ideas and programs in clear and compelling terms. Solid presentation skills can help PR pros win new business, gain approval for projects and budgets, rally teams, motivate employees, and better position themselves as industry and community leaders. Yet even professional […]

The Future of Content Marketing With Gini Dietrich

In this webinar, Gini explores how to succeed with content in 2014 and beyond: What becoming a visionary really means; the benefits to be had by practicing brand journalism and embracing native advertising, as well as opening your office culture up to the world – being seen as human (and amazing!) by telling your employee’s stories. […]

Link Building Techniques that WORK!

The content marketing and SEO landscapes are as confusing as ever. Marketing Director at Sears Parts Direct, Sean McGinnis is one of those guys who fills a room. He’s kind of a big deal. No, really. He’s a BIG deal. Standing six feet, four inches tall, he cuts a rather imposing figure, but in reality is a […]

SEO 101: The Secrets of Search Engine Optimization

“I took a three hour SEO bootcamp class and I swear I learned more from Andy in five minutes.” – A. B. So, we all hear the term bandied about, by marketers, copywriters, ad guys, and webmasters: SEO. But what the heck is SEO, exactly? Turns out it’s kind of self-explanatory: SEO stands for “search engine […]

Jay Baer & Youtility: Why Your Marketing Needs to be About Help, Not Hype

Well, when you can get a quote like this one… “Jay Baer attracted so many people to his session that it looked like a Springsteen concert. Of our 70+ speakers at Content Marketing World this year, Jay ranked #1. Whenever there is a keynote opportunity, I always think of Jay first.” Joe Pulizzi, President, Content Marketing […]

The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing consultant and author DJ Waldow is fed up with people saying email is dead. Dude, numbers don’t lie: A staggering 94 percent of Americans use email. Mobile email is huge. And email marketers today have myriad opportunities to guide customers from consideration and trial to repeat purchase, to increase loyalty, even create fierce brand […]

Content Marketing: The SalesLion Shares his Secrets

Upcoming! 12 p.m. ET They don’t call him The SalesLion for nothing. Marcus Sheridan started his swimming pool company, River Pools and Spas in 2001. Due to his inbound marketing efforts, and his incredibly popular swimming pool blog, River Pools and Spas grew to be one of the largest of its kind in the world. […]