Narrowcasting: How to Make the Most of Your Existing Connections - $0.00

We broadcast all the time on social media – but do we know who is really listening?

True social broadcasting, in the – the shout’y, ‘spray and pray’ way, as some call it – is a marketing no-no.

Instead, we’re asked to engage, respond, connect, and do a lot of other buzzword-type things in the hopes of increasing eyeballs and building communities.

But while the above online actions are nice and often effective, they aren’t the true opposite of broadcasting.

Veteran journalist and one of the web’s most sought after social media advisors, Amy Vernon, breaks down the true opposite of broadcasting – narrowcasting.

Vernon says, “We appear to have finally gotten past the point where we believe social media is free. But too many still don’t seem to believe that social media is time-consuming. A few tweets here, a few Facebook posts there, and whammo! Instant traffic/sales/conversions/whatever. And if that doesn’t happen right away, then there must be something wrong with the people managing the accounts. It can’t be that expectations are unreasonable.”

Why is it then, beyond targeting a few Facebook updates to be viewed only by people in a certain area, or doing some heavy targeting in paid ads on social channels, is narrowcasting all but ignored?

Because it takes time and it takes work.

If you’re willing to spend the time to do the research, however, it’s not extremely difficult to do, and this video will show you how to use Narrowcasting to your benefit.

You will learn:

  • What Narrowcasting is, and why you should go that route
  • The Narrowcasting formula of Research + Engagement = Growth
  • Which tools to use to help find your audience
  • And the best tools to use to help you narrowcast to that audience

Amy VernonA 20-year veteran of newspaper journalism and top female submitter of all time on the late, Amy Vernon is sought-after for advice on how to navigate the social web. A longtime user of StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr and other social sites, Amy is an inaugural inductee of the New Jersey Social Media Hall of Fame.

Amy has consulted for a wide variety of clients, ranging from tech startups to international media organizations, on how to harness their community, develop shareable content and put in place best practices in their digital strategy. Amy has blogged for many sites, including VentureBeat, The Next Web, Network World, and the Parentables and has driven literally millions of page views through her work.