Link Building

Link Building Techniques that WORK! - $0.00

The content marketing and SEO landscapes are as confusing as ever.

Marketing Director at Sears Parts Direct, Sean McGinnis is one of those guys who fills a room. He’s kind of a big deal. No, really. He’s a BIG deal. Standing six feet, four inches tall, he cuts a rather imposing figure, but in reality is a gentle giant.

And he’s smart. Really smart. He’s an actor and a lawyer, which is an oddly compelling combo (insert myriad lawyer jokes here), and has been working in digital marketing since early 1999.

Experienced in a variety of digital disciplines, in this video Sean shares his knowledge on what’s become a hot-button topic these days: Content marketing and SEO.

Despite recent changes, the number and quality of links pointing to your pages are still a critical factor in generating search engine traffic.

Straight from Content Jam in Chicago to you, Sean will walks you through a variety of specific link building techniques.

You’ll learn how to use specific types of content to build links, and why content is a critical component in link building efforts.

Sean also shares a handful of pro-tips; helpful hints to keep in mind as you navigate the world of content creation and link building.

Trust us when we say, you will come away from watching this video having learned tons about content, content marketing, and the rapidly changing SEO landscape.

Sean McGinnisA digital marketing leader, consultant and speaker, Sean has served as the general manager for an online learning business in the legal field, led a team of search experts, and, as mentioned above, currently leads digital marketing for Sears PartsDirect. He frequently writes, speaks, and teaches classes on a variety of digital marketing disciplines including SEO, content strategy, social media, and recently joined the faculty of Elmhurst College as an adjunct professor, where he will be teaching a social media class to MBA students.