DJ for Your Organization’s Content - $50.00

For your content marketing, you may be wondering what topics to focus on for your website’s home page, as the centerpiece and subject line of your e-newsletter, highlights on Facebook or Twitter, or for your next white paper or blog post.

To find the answer, consider yourself a DJ for your content. What content will you spin for your audience today? How will you mix it up so it’s new and fresh while not overly unusual? How will you tell how much they like it? Think of social media as your club floor, your blog as the radio, and your website as a wedding.

Because your content marketing materials will lead people back to your primary digital presence—your website—you need to match what’s “out there” with what’s “in here.”

  Discover what your audience wants to know that your organization can tell them. Figure out how to “play the hits.”
  Combine what’s most popular today, past favorites that are still relevant, and the “next big thing” in your topics.
  Determine how often you be should you be publishing, and to which channels.

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll take you step-by-step in how to create a cohesive editorial calendar—prioritizing topics, coordinating your content across all your digital channels, and developing the right mix for your key audience(s)—so that people who are drawn to you through your marketing efforts can learn more and start interacting with you.

This will be a working session and we welcome your questions beforehand, so that we can help tailor the content to fit your specific needs.

This intermediate session is for you if:

  • You have a lot of content but have not yet coordinated your website publishing, e-newsletter, and social media channels
  • You want a framework to match the content to the right channels
  • You want to be able to track the success of your efforts

It’s time to stop being a tool, and learn how to use social to drive business growth.

Please join Hilary Marsh and the Spin Sucks Pro team in this one-hour session.