The Modern Blogging Masterclass, Module 4

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The Modern Blogging Masterclass, Module 3

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The Modern Blogging Masterclass, Module 2

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The Modern Blogging Masterclass: Module 1

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Pitching Secrets

You’re not quite there. It’s kind of a pain to get registered, but we’ve outlined the steps below to make it a little easier. We can add glitter and rainbows, if that helps. Click the blue “add to cart” button below. It will then change to “checkout.” Click that. Either login or create a new account. […]

Use Media Relations to Generate Qualified Leads

One of the biggest complaints we hear from prospective clients is, “We hired a PR firm, spent $5,000 a month, and got nothing.” You’d be shocked at how often we hear this. It makes us sad. It’s not good for the industry. It’s not good for the profession. And it’s certainly not good for our […]

Want to Get Private Communications Coaching?

We are launching a small coaching group where I can offer a lot of individual attention to each person and teach you the strategies and methodologies that have made us the number one PR blog in the world. The coaching group will meet via video conferencing twice a month, have a private group where you can […]

Use Media Relations for Search Engine Optimization

It used to be we had to rely on search engine optimization experts to do their magic on the back-end of our websites. And it really did feel like magic. Unless you understood HTML and CSS and stylesheets and meta descriptions and tags and alt text and more, it was way over your head. But today, […]

You Can Call Me Boss: How Smart Measurement Can Take You from the Break Room to the Board Room

A few weeks ago, we featured Shonali Burke on the Spin Sucks Inquisition. During the commenting that commenced, we may have suggested she host a webinar for us so everyone could experience her gorgeous lilt (OK…and her wicked smart brain). And she agreed! In this on-demand video, she talks about one of the things that […]

How to Write Blog Posts that Get Read and Shared

Let’s face it, Gini Dietrich is a pretty good blogger. In the eight years plus that Spin Sucks has been publishing, she’s penned *roughly* 2,000 blog posts. And that’s not counting all the guest posts and columns she’s written for others over the years! So, the odds are pretty good that with that record, she’s […]