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PR and SEO have never been buds, but today they work in tandem to mystify the competition. Download this on-demand video as Gini Dietrich takes you through a three-pronged approach in Use Media Relations to Generate Qualified Leads.

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Nothing motivates and inspires like the success of others. But how do they do it? We'll show you, through deep-dive case studies and real world examples, how companies strategically use the web for business growth. Download and read now.

Intimate and Interactive

In this first of a series, Gini Dietrich walks you through starting your own business - from scratch. Though we've passed the live version, you can bring Intimate and Interactive: Gini Dietrich on Starting Your Own Business to your organization.


Brainstorm and broaden your thinking - envision your next integrated campaign with the help of other Spin Sucks Pros. Get started today.


Join us on September 17 at noon ET for our free monthly webinar. Michael Smart is here to talk Pitching Secrets of the Rich and Famous. Michael is probably the best at media relations in the entire industry. You won't want to miss this one.

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